500gr / 250gr
Code. FQBHS390 / FQBHS195

This blossom honey comes from the nectar of spring plants, herbs and wild flowers of the Greek countryside. Its hues, taste and aroma vary depending on the flowers, and may vary from year to year, depending on the climatic conditions and the type of flora that dominates

FLAVOUR:  Elegant, sweet, pleasant aroma
ORIGIN:  Greece


500gr / 250gr
Code. FQFHS390 / FQFHS195

Forest honey comes from the combination of various honeydews, with exquisite varieties of wild flowers and herbs, that grow in virgin forests away from all human activity. It is a natural source of energy and is characterized by its rich taste, as well as its unique texture. It’s an exquisite honey that you will love from the first spoonful

FLAVOUR:  Rich, wonderful texture, intense aroma
ORIGIN:  Greece


500gr / 250gr
Code. FQPHS390 / FQPHS195

Pine honey is one of the most important types of honey produced in Greece. It belongs to the category of honeys derived from honeydew secretions and therefore has a darker colour and mild aroma, compared to blossom honey, while it is characterised by a higher concentration of trace elements and minerals. Primarily, it is produced in the autumn with the exception of honey harvested in the spring, which is blonder and clearer

FLAVOUR:  Intense, full, not particularly sweet
ORIGIN:  Greece

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